Recently, the General Office of the Sichuan Provincial Government announced the approved list of the tenth famous brand products in Sichuan Province. Seven products in the silk industry in Nanchong City were awarded the title of Sichuan Famous Brand Products. The province’s silk industry has been granted 10 provincial brand-name products, and the silk industry in Nanchong City accounts for seven. They are: "Zhuoshan" silk quilt, clothing of Suizhong Zhuoshang Silk Co., Ltd., "Shouchang Brand" silk quilt of Shouchang No. 6 Silk Products Co., Ltd., "Large Silk Brand" of Shuncheng Textile Co., Ltd. , Silk Co., Ltd. of Nanchong Silk Co., Ltd. “Love the Skin”, Hand-knotted carpets of “Yinhe” brand of Sichuan Yinhe Carpet Co., Ltd., “Meilia” silk clothing of Nanchong Meiya Fashion Co., Ltd., “Xiajiaer” of Nanchong Cinda Printing and Dyeing Company "Printed and dyed silk.

Polyester Yarn T8,adopts engineering differences polyester chip respectively in the two screw melting, squeeze out together in the same composite spinning components, winding, drawing process conditions, the physical performance good, excellent compound of crimp elastic fiber. Good mechanical stretch, wearing comfortable, nearly 100% back stretch with good  elastic recovery. T8 yarn has a good moisture absorption and quick drying performance. It has a strong absorption performance for various auxiliary agents, and can be processed into fabrics with high strength and anti-splash water, anti-oil and other properties. T8 yarn performance of the strong moisture absorption, the dye absorption capacity is 130% of the ordinary material, easy to dyeing, T8 fabric color bright, high color saturation. Generally, the color fastness reaches level 4-4.5.


Polyester Yarn T8

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