Today's China, a new local brand will be produced every few minutes, while excellent brands from abroad will flock. On the other hand, a brand's best-selling product can be completely copied by its competitors within one month; White-hot competition is fierce, and customers have more choices. Some of the strong brands have lost core customers because of the lack of effective VIP maintenance methods. Finally, VIP maintenance has become a work that clothing brands have to pay high attention to.

VIP (Very Important Person) As the name suggests: Very important person; we call it VIP. VIP customers have higher attention to the brand than ordinary customers, with a higher probability of transaction rate and joint sales. They often visit our brand and can be said to be the mainstay of steady sales of counters. Of course, not all brands must establish a VIP system. Brands such as H&M and Uniqlo, which have lower unit prices and rely mainly on passenger flow, are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but their impact on their performance is also difficult to estimate; however, for those unit prices, The meaning of VIP is obvious in a brand with a high brand value.

So how to maintain VIP? I think that we should first understand the needs of VIP customers and create surprises. Some brands take it for granted that they will be satisfied with VIP if they provide services and gifts for VIP. I have encountered two cases: a high-end men's wear brand, which organized feedback VIP activities at the end of the year, so he spent a lot of time to make a large number of branded magnet calendars, and informed VIP via SMS to counters to receive “exquisite gifts”. When some of the customers came to the counter to see the so-called "exquisite gifts", they never appeared again. Obviously, the difference between the customer's expectations and the actual gifts is too large, which makes the brand image greatly reduced, and has a counter effect. There is also a third-class mid-range casual shoe brand. The boss has experienced a squat type trial shoe service in a high-end shopping mall in Japan (the waiter kneels on the floor to give the customer test shoes). It feels good, so he is determined to promote the service for VIP in his boutique. The results only tried for several months. Many VIP customers reflected awkwardness, and the transaction rate was also low. Some of the customers also started to try other brands slowly because they were not used to the service. The reasons for the failure of the above two cases are that they have not been fully established on the basis of understanding the needs of the VIP, providing services and gifts too high or too low, and making the effect counterproductive.

How to accurately grasp the needs of VIP customers and make them satisfied? We believe that we should grasp the following aspects:

Understand the customer characteristics of VIP customers Customers with different genders, ages, and levels will have different needs; careful analysis of the customer base is extremely helpful in developing effective VIP maintenance, such as attracting women through discounts and profit sharing. The power is much greater than that of men, and older VIPs are more interested in health theme activities than younger customers. I had previously planned a weekend self-driving tour for a VIP of an outdoor leisure brand in Shandong Province. As a result, the customer's participation was very high and the activity responded well; the franchisee immediately copied this activity to another one he operated at the same time. As a result of business branding, there are very few VIP registrations, and even the organization of the event has become a problem, and the effect has been greatly reduced. This is because the outdoor leisure brand's VIP customers love outdoor sports, so the outdoor type of activities themselves will do their best; and the customers who are used to wearing business brands are generally less enthusiastic about outdoor interactions, which leads to low participation enthusiasm. We suggest that the brand must fully consider and analyze the characteristics of the customer group when planning the VIP maintenance method to ensure the effectiveness of the maintenance effect.

Analyzing the purchase records of VIP customers We found that many brand franchisees and supervisors were particularly sensitive to the data and analyzed a large amount of sales data and inventory data; however, most brands ignored the analysis of VIP customer purchase records, which made them miss A lot of useful information. We have done this diagnosis to the salespersons of hundreds of shops: they wrote the 20 most important VIPs they liked in their colors, wearing sizes, and accepted price segments; as a result, only very few shopping guides were able to answer basic accuracy. In fact, a detailed analysis of the purchase records of VIP customers can be summarized in the size of the dress, the acceptable price segment, the preferred color, the style of favorite, the frequency of purchase, and the habit of wearing and matching. With this information, we grasp the VIP. Will be more than adequate; for example, when many brands send new listing information to VIPs, they will always publicize it in general: look at the new products and welcome them; however, such information effects are often unsatisfactory, and we have discovered through previous experience that Sex-specific SMS content can often increase the probability of patronage of VIP customers. For example, for a customer who is fat and likes to wear jeans, if he is notified that he has received a large number of jeans, he will be much better than the content of the short message.

Allowing VIP customers to participate in your design The product design of domestic brands is often unilateral, that is, the overall design of the product, the creative idea of ​​the design relies solely on the design department of the brand company, and lacks interaction with VIP customers. However, some luxury brands abroad have not only paid great attention to the opinions of VIP customers in the design, but also launched competitions to encourage VIP customers to integrate their own ideas into the design of products, and ultimately to name the customers who are adopting the ideas. . On the one hand, it increased the design inspiration, and on the other hand, it strengthened the VIP customer's brand plot, which was a double-edged sword.

The special right to open a VIP The friends who sat on the plane knew that first-class customers could enjoy special access, independent lounges, more spacious seats and more delicious dining. For many domestic brands, the only difference between VIP customers is that they have a VIP card. I see in many brands that VIP customers can not enjoy special discounts for special products, there is no special after-sales service, and payments are like other customers. There is a long lineup; obviously the VIP card is completely tasteless; I suggest that we must establish special rights and services for VIP customers, such as: setting up VIP lounges, enjoying drinks and refreshments; establishing faster and better after-sales service channels; free of charge Life-long dry cleaning and nursing services; one-card multi-use system (a strategic alliance with other industry companies associated with the VIP customer level); image consultation services for VIP personalization, etc.

Create a VIP customer profile to create unexpected surprises. In the Chinese fashion industry, few brands can get a very complete customer profile. Some shopping guides do not even know what important customers call. In fact, if you want to really do a fine job of maintaining the VIP, you need to start recording every VIP customer's personal information, including their interests, characteristics, hobbies, habits, work, birthdays, and family information. I had previously contacted a Tianjin children's clothing brand franchisee to send a cake and a birthday card with a brand LOGO on the birthday of a VIP customer. As a result, the VIP customers were very touched and paid regular attention to his shop. , This kind of personalized service based on fully understanding the customer information can often impress VIP customers and strengthen their feelings about the brand. I also contacted an outdoor brand counter with annual sales of more than 10 million at Wangfujing Shopping Mall in Chengdu. The customer information information is full of 7 books. The manager is also very confident about the information of VIP customers. It is stable every month. The reason for the amount of sales is evident. If your brand does not have a VIP customer profile yet, I suggest that you take immediate action.

Conducting VIP's hierarchical management There are some brands who know the importance of VIP customers, but often ignore the hierarchy of VIP customers. Generally, they can be divided into extremely important VIP customers, regular VIP customers and occasional VIP customers (VIP cards only, patronizing The frequency is extremely low; many stores have adopted uniform standards for these three types of VIP policies and services, which is obviously unreasonable. In fact, the 80/20 law is equally valid among VIP customers. The classification of VIP customers helps us to provide more effective services to different levels of VIP customers, and also maximize the benefits of input and output. At present, the points system used by some brands is a good method. We also recommend providing personalized services such as free home delivery for VIPs that are particularly important.

The customer is God, and the VIP customer is God in God; fully tapping the needs of VIP customers, providing targeted personalized services and maintenance, our VIP God will smile for us forever.

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