Abstract: In the unqualified list of bedding products announced by the relevant departments, information such as the number of products, shrinkage rate, color fastness and other unqualified products often appear. These words that people rarely touch are the quality of the bedding products. Important indicators. Jin Sun experts pointed out that consumers should still understand the necessary technical parameters to be selected.

Golden Sun experts: The technical parameters that consumers usually encounter are mainly the following four categories:

The first is the count. The length of the yarn of 1 gram is called how many. The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn. The thinner the cloth woven with such yarn, the softer and more comfortable the cloth.

The second is density. Density refers to the number of warp and weft yarns arranged in the unit length of the fabric. The higher the density, the higher the requirements and cost of the manufacturing technology, and the better the quality of the bedding.

The third is the shrinkage rate. The national standard shrinkage rate is less than 4%, the raw materials of the bedding products are different, and the shrinkage rate is also different. In general, cotton bed products have the highest shrinkage rate, and synthetic fiber bed products have a smaller shrinkage rate. In addition, the density of the fabric is different, the shrinkage rate is also different, and the lower the density, the greater the shrinkage rate.

The fourth is color fastness. Color fastness refers to the color fastness of the product against perspiration, washing and rubbing resistance. Color fastness directly affects human health and product beauty. If the bed with poor color fastness encounters sweat, etc., it will cause the fabric pigment to fall off and fade, and the dye molecules may be absorbed by the human body through the skin and endanger the health.

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