Recently, the industrial and commercial administration of Nanning City monitored the quality of infant clothing products in the circulation field. The results of the sample inspection showed that the fiber content of 20% of infants and young children's clothing was unqualified (this report was published in the 6th edition on June 22nd). This news caught the attention of many young mothers. From June 23 to June 25, the reporter visited a number of infant clothing stores and children's clothing stores in Nanning. It was found that some baby clothing and children's clothing had ambiguous label descriptions, and some were inconsistent with the national requirements.

Infants and toddlers' clothing must be clearly indicated on the label. According to the National Basic Safety Technical Specification for Textile Products (GB18401-2003), China's textile products are divided into three categories, and category A is infant and child products (ages within 24 months of infants). Textile products used by young children must be marked on the instructions for use. Category B and Category C are products that are in direct contact with the skin and are not in direct contact with the skin. They should indicate on the instructions for use the type of safety requirements that they meet.

A baby goods store in Renmin East Road, Nanning City sells products for infants and young children, children aged over two and maternity wear. Most of the baby clothes in the mall are mid- to high-end brands, all of which are marked on the label with information on the fiber content of the clothing, manufacturers, etc., and are marked as “A type, baby clothes”. This type of clothing smells almost nothing. Odor, feel more soft, the price of each piece is 20 to 40 yuan.

There are also some shops selling brands that are cluttered, and there are no security levels on the labels. The reporter visited 10 infant clothing stores, and only half of the sales staff knew the safety classification standards for clothing. A young mother who bought new clothes for her baby in the mall said that she usually does not look too much at the labels when buying clothes for her baby. It is not very clear about the classification of safety levels. “As long as I feel cotton, I should be able to "."

In the products sold by another baby clothing and children's wear market on the People's Middle Road, there are a small number of infant and toddler garments with relevant information. There are a lot of garments that do not have a tag, and only indicate the manufacturer and contact telephone number on the washing label, while others ambiguously read “This product is a pure natural environment-friendly fiber material.” It is difficult to determine what ingredient it is. The price of baby clothes sold in the market is between 10 and 20 yuan.

"The label of this dress does not specify the material and safety grade of the clothes. How do you know if your baby can wear it?" said a reporter at a shop in the market. "Anyway, they are all cotton. The child can wear it." The shop owner said that she did not know the classification of the safety level. When she came in, she mainly judged the material of the clothes by experience.

After the age of two, children's clothing labels are jagged. Young mothers are concerned not only with clothing for infants and toddlers, but also for children wearing children's clothes after two years of age. The son of Ms. Gong, a citizen of Nanning City, is two and a half years old this year. She also has some experience in buying children's clothes.

"I used to buy clothes for children at some children's clothing discount stores. The style is very good and the price is cheap. However, after buying it, the child does not feel well and the fabric is uncomfortable. After that, I would not dare to go to those places." Say.

The reporter visited nine children’s clothing stores on Jianzheng Road and Yuanhu Road and found that the quality of children’s clothing sold at these stores was uneven. Some shops will smell a pungent odor as soon as they walk in. Most of the clothing labels are brand and manufacturer information. Some labels are written to directly contact the skin with “B” products, but again A "Class C" label that is not in direct contact with the skin is affixed. Some children's clothing feels hard texture and smells odor. Some shops have no odor, and clothing labels also include information on fiber content and safety category.

Of the nine shops visited by reporters, only three are full of tag information, and all of them are branded clothing. Labels with incomplete labeling, cluttered labeling, or unlabeled clothing are sold in some “foreign trade shops” and “discount stores”. When the reporter asked why there was no relevant tag information, many shopkeepers responded by saying: "The clothes are in Korean version. Imported goods do not have such information." A pregnant women's and baby products store that originally operated high-end brands also started Selling some "no-names", some clothing does not have complete tag information. The store's sales staff told reporters that because the children grow up too fast, if mothers buy expensive expensive high-end brand clothing for their babies, they will soon be unable to wear them, so most young mothers will not buy them too expensive. It also had to be "transformed."

In Renmin East Road, a store for pregnant and infant supplies, the reporter also discovered that some children's wear T-shirts that are in direct contact with the skin are marked as “C-class”. In the children's wear products marketed in the infant clothing and children's clothing wholesale market in the People's Middle Road, most of the labels only have brand information and do not indicate the safety category and fiber content. A woman who came to Wuming County to wholesale clothing in the market told reporters that in the county and townships, young mothers who bought children's clothing would not normally question the label. Buying clothes was mainly based on experience.

Infants and young children's clothing is about to implement the new national standard It is reported that "National Basic Technical Specifications for Textile Products" (GB18401-2010) will be formally implemented on August 1 this year. Compared with the 2003 version of the national standard for textiles, the revised 2010 new national standard content is more detailed, and the sampling range for infant and toddler clothing has been expanded from 24 months to 36 months. In other words, after August 1, children under 3 years of age must implement Class A standards, and the manufacturer must indicate the words “baby and infant supplies” on the instructions for use.

The reporter also learned that China has promulgated the "Infant and Young Child Clothing Standards" in 2008, which stipulates that infants and young children's clothing should not be dry-cleaned, and require the manufacturer to indicate on the product label. When the reporter visited, he discovered that only some children's clothing brands had the “No Dry Cleaning” logo, and some clothes were reminded that only “no chlorine bleaching” was allowed.

The reporter found that some mid-to-high-end brands of infant clothing and children's wear have begun to implement the 2010 version of the textile national standard. However, in the shops interviewed by the reporter, there was not a salesperson who knew about the new national standard to be implemented. Some shopkeepers believe that new national standards for textiles should be implemented by manufacturers, and shopkeepers cannot check this. Some shopkeepers also indicated that they will pay attention to whether the product will be implemented according to the new standard when they next purchase.

Ms. Luo, now a child more than a year old, told reporters that when she selected clothes for her children, she would buy branded clothing labeled “infant and baby clothing”. After she looked forward to the implementation of the new national standard for apparel products, businesses could purchase according to the new standard. Products, so that young mothers can buy for the baby "rest assured."

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