[This site - shoes and life] Many people wear sandals in the summer do not wear socks, thinking that this can quickly prevent sweat perspiration. In fact, wearing socks in summer without wearing socks has caused damage to the feet.

Hazard 1: The skin is directly "burned" by sunlight

Ultraviolet rays in the sun will stimulate the skin to produce a large number of oxidized free radicals, destroy the skin cell tissue, accelerate melanin production, make skin pigmentation, roughness, loss of elasticity, and reduce skin resistance. According to statistics, a large area of ​​the skin on the feet of the barefoot sandals is directly exposed to sunlight, increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Hazard 2: Prone to fungal infections

People's feet are prone to sweating in hot weather. Wearing shoes without socks, especially wearing breathable shoes such as plastic sandals and travel shoes, will allow the skin of the feet to be directly immersed in the sweat. The fungus is in a hot and humid environment. Prone to growth, foot fungal infections can occur.

Hazard 3: Increase the chance of trauma and infection

Barefooted shoes expose a large amount of skin on the foot, often being bumped or bitten by mosquitoes. Walking on too much will also make the foot wear blisters; bacteria in the air will adhere to the skin, and if the skin has a wound, it will cause infection.

Hazard 4: Cause skin keratinization and dermatitis

The feet and the shoes are often in direct contact with each other, making it easier for the heel, toes and other parts of the skin that are often in contact with the shoes to grow thicker and thicker, which increases the chance of having a pimple, ie, “scorpions” and “corns”. In addition, some people walk with barefoot shoes for a long time, and parts of the instep, toes, etc. that are in friction with the shoes are prone to skin redness, pimples, blisters and other symptoms. This is because the skin is caused by allergies to materials such as leather and rubber. A contact dermatitis.

Prevent sweating method

Experts advise that people who sweat their feet are best to penetrate good air sports shoes or good quality leather shoes. Socks are best to wear pure cotton. It is easy to sweat in spring and summer. Shoes and socks are best changed once a day.

1, should pay attention to the breathability of shoes and socks, so that the skin of the foot can breathe;

2, to ensure that the size of the shoes and more moderate to allow the feet to rest, because the foot too much pressure can increase sweating;

3, socks to keep dry, it is best made of cotton, wool or other absorbent materials, do not wear nylon socks, usually should often change socks to keep the feet dry;

4, shoes should be made of leather, canvas or other breathable material, do not wear plastic shoes;

5. Do not wear the same pair of shoes for two consecutive days when the shoes are wet. At the same time, fully dry the wet shoes.

Weapons: How to wash your feet

In addition to changing shoes and socks, good living habits are also very important.

In addition to foot fungal infections, most foot odors are caused by bacteria in the foot. It is best to wash your feet with soap at least once a day, or use warm water and light saline to soak your feet for 10-15 minutes to reduce the amount of bacteria that adhere to the feet. Can also be supplemented with bactericides, such as alcohol, sulfur syrup, etc., but under the guidance of a doctor. After intense exercise, you should also wash your feet with warm water in time. Try to eat less spicy foods, relax and avoid sympathetic nerves.

Therefore, the hot summer, do not want to be troubled by sweating feet, we must learn to prevent sweating feet early methods, sweating the feet of the summer, coups anti-foot odor.

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