The Spring Festival market promotion is a very important and active promotion period throughout the year. The Spring Festival Market in a broad sense crosses the three promotion opportunities of Christmas, New Year's Day and Spring Festival, and has a long promotional period and strong consumption. The main features of the Spring Festival promotional market are: large volume of retail (group buying), which accounts for about 25%-30% of the annual retail sales; frequent promotions and numerous tricks. Among them, in the retail market based on consumer promotion, the more common forms of market promotion are price reductions, buy gifts, rebates (credits), sweepstakes, and discounts.

Today, in a situation where product homogeneity is becoming more and more serious, promotion methods are becoming more and more similar, and the brand interval is becoming increasingly unclear, why does your marketing campaign jump out of the plethora of promotional activities? The 2012 Spring Festival is approaching. While summing up the 2011 Spring Festival sales experience, we must also combine the actual situation of the gift market in the past year, summarize and summarize, and do a good job in this year's Spring Festival gift sales, the greatest possible achievement in brilliant performance.

Only innovation! As the needs of the entire society, innovation is rapidly infiltrating into various industries and at all levels. Even the wages paid by peasant brothers have turned from climbing towers and climbing towers to beggars and drums. Today, people owed to medical expenses know that dashing attracts societies. Attention. Promotions also apply.

Reflections on Spring Festival Market Promotion The Spring Festival is a holiday that is highly valued by the Chinese people. It is a time when the whole family is round and busy. **, Spring Festival couplets, red envelopes as the symbol of the Spring Festival, but also gradually infiltrated the Spring Festival promotion. Spring Festival marketing has begun to show the following features: Various symbols related to the Spring Festival, such as red envelopes, Spring Festival, Zodiac and other items of the Spring Festival, are used as gifts; auspicious and festive greetings are used as Spring Festival promotional topics Has been widely used, such as "Jiduo Fu full of New Year, Lunar New Year greetings affectionate thick", "Fortune wealth and luck" and so on.

The promotion of joint promotion with brands related to the Spring Festival is gradually becoming a new form, such as the “New Year's Sweet to Year-end” Spring Festival marketing campaign organized by “Xin Fu Ji” by Xinpi Mobile.

In addition, enterprises pay attention to the use of the characteristics of the Spring Festival, launched a variety of promotional or promotional tools began to be valued, such as the use of the Spring Festival market, the characteristics of large passenger flow, the introduction of consumer spending system to collect customer information, establish relationships with consumers, Build the foundation for the next database marketing. As for the promotional posters or promotional albums that are full of deep Spring Festival colors, not to mention the Chinese knots or “blessings” with a red background are very common.

At the same time, we also noticed that some brands started to pay attention to how to achieve accurate demands for promotional information during the Spring Festival, and to meet the communication targets of the target. For instance, LG's “LG Happy New Year Gifts for the World's Lovers” promotion during the Spring Festival. promoting event. The mall attracts consumers' attention by organizing various activities such as “festival”, “meeting”, and “showing”.

It is worth emphasizing that online marketing provides a broad platform for extending the Spring Festival market. Online consumption and gift giving is becoming a trend.

However, even so, we still found that there are many problems in the practical operation of the Spring Festival marketing:

1. The Spring Festival marketing plan has a strong blindness. It fails to fully combine the characteristics of the Spring Festival market to promote the promotion package. What is more, it is directly modified during the National Day Promotion Plan. Obviously, there is a lack of rational thinking and system for the Spring Festival market. Planning; reduction of prices and proliferation of sales and gifts is a typical example;

2. The gift market is active, but our home appliance manufacturers have failed to combine the characteristics of the Spring Festival gift market with the active launch of gift boxes packed with Spring Festival features to please consumers;

3. We have not established a data analysis system for Spring Festival. We have discovered from the data that there are differences between different regions and different cities. What is the difference between Spring Festival markets? Which products are suitable for the Spring Festival market? why?

4. Failed to analyze the composition of the Spring Festival market consumers;

5. There is no corresponding management method for group purchasing customers or key customers;

6, in the market dissemination, or the general lack of precision, such as how to take the opportunity to promote new products? How to use Spring Festival promotions to attract media attention, etc.; can not block frequent price cuts, buy promotions and brand damage.

New Year's Day Marketing Promotions First, Spring Festival Market Promotion Content Innovation Spring Festival market promotion content is the main part of Spring Festival promotional activities. The content is novel, and sales promotion has new ideas. From the brand point of view, the international brands of promotional activities to guide the target consumers, mainly to induce potential consumers. They often pay attention to stabilizing prices and leading brands while attracting consumers by showing the contents of their products and images. They may also use the opportunity to launch several old models for price reduction or provide a few kinds of gifts to enhance the promotion effect. For instance, Nokia’s 5210 mobile phone promotional campaign held in Hong Kong brought a giant styling rock climbing wall to attract attention and effectively combined with the personality of leisure and outdoor sports dominated by this product, thus winning a lot for the 5210. attention. The promotion of domestic brands' promotional content is mainly focused on specific promotional measures. The pursuit of a large-scale, wide-ranging promotional effect, such as the "One Dollar Lee" disinfection cabinet launched by Wanhe, and the expensive and expensive faucets and washing machines , tyrants, etc.

High-quality joint promotion with other famous brands is also a method of promoting content innovation. The key lies in the judgment of the marketing planner and whether the consumer analysis is accurate and accurate. As Philips and PASSAT joined forces to hold “Million Miles, Run the World” Spring Festival Promotions in 23 cities across the country, in addition to the most attractive award, the PASSAT Lingyu new car, it has also set up wonderful activities in 23 cities across the country. The site of the event, the innovative use of "My lasting proposition" network BBS and "Loop winner" online digging treasure games. Not only does it pass on the brand image effectively, but it also uses the image of the Volkswagen PASSAT owner to reflect the distinguished identity of the Philips mobile phone.

In addition, promotional content innovations can also be combined into promotional resource portfolio innovations, promotional object innovations, or creating new waste trends.

Second, the Spring Festival marketing ideas innovation Spring Festival marketing ideas innovation, is the highest realm of promotional innovation. Such as deep digging product characteristics, analysis of product target consumer behavior and even re-positioning. For example, in 2011, the activity of brain platinum to send bricks and bricks is a very typical promotional idea innovation. According to expert analysis, this activity has played at least five roles: updating product sensations, increasing brand prices, controlling activity costs, providing publicity, and streamlining the process. Just one sentence, "Brain in Platinum," which satisfies the consumer's social and psychological needs, has also stimulated the potential buying desire through advertising. Based on the concept of product innovation, there is a gift box package for the small home appliance brand Dragon's Spring Festival market. It is bundled with small appliances such as egg cookers and electric water cookers, and is very suitable as a gift for gifts to family and friends. The “60-hour non-stop” initiative pioneered by Beijing New World is also a successful example of innovative sales concepts. The three-day retail sales exceeded 100 million yuan, which attracted nearly 1 million people. It is not unsuccessful. In short, the idea of ​​innovation is not just a systematic and meticulous analysis of the market, but also to expand the thinking, thinking of people, ID can not be, to find innovation.

Third, the Spring Festival marketing theme innovation A catchy marketing theme helps to promote sales activities from a large number of market promotions to jump out and get enough attention. Especially when there is little investment in the Spring Festival promotional activities and you cannot obtain media promotion, if you can give a meaningful name to the Spring Festival marketing campaign, tell the consumer what you want to do to help them understand your true purpose and give him a Reasons for buying, but also can create media attention, help the media unified propaganda. For example, the Philips 20th Anniversary promotion during the Philips XI is to tell consumers that I’m launching the “20th Anniversary” today to return profits to you.

In addition, the “Five Factor” theory proposed by Taiwan’s Zhide Advertising: Chuangyi, Chuangyi, Chuangyi, Chuangyi, Chuangyi, I think it is a good way to carry out the Spring Festival marketing theme creativity. Chuangyi refers to the "point of interest" in which products or promotions are presented to consumers. Creativity is a different place from competitors, allowing consumers to better understand products or services. Creativity is a manifestation of art.

Fourth, the innovation of gift resources in the Spring Festival market promotion has been said before, a focus of Spring Festival sales is gifts. Therefore, it is feasible to emphasize the use of gifts to obtain the attention of consumers and achieve surprising results. However, it is necessary to pay attention to combining other promotion methods to strengthen the effect of gift innovation. For example, an MP3 brand has won wide attention with its special promotions, gifts, and prize draws, as well as special gifts, such as electric pianos and speakers. Galanz’s promotion of diamond watches was also very successful, at least causing free media promotions.

It is hoped that this article's reflection and innovation on the marketing methods of the Spring Festival will provide a reference for enterprises to further consider the ways of festival promotion. A gift, a fulcrum, and promotional gifts to help you make the big market.

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