I need several towels for my baby's daily cleaning. I have been washing these towels separately. But doing so has added a lot of work. Can I wash these towels with the rest of my clothes in the washing machine? In addition, when the towel is washed, if the water temperature is set at 60 °C, can it be bactericidal?

Baby towels are best not to be mixed. Although detergents and washing machines have developed greatly in recent years, the cleaning ability is getting stronger and stronger. Usually, when the water temperature is 60 °C, many bacteria, molds and viruses can be killed, but the baby's ability to resist bacteria should be considered. It is very weak. The water temperature of 60 ° C can not completely kill the bacteria, so washing clothes may cause problems in your baby's skin. For this reason, the towel used by the baby should be disinfected at the same temperature as the diaper used repeatedly, and it is best to use a baby-only laundry detergent.

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