November 21 news recently peach pie (PEACHJOHN) Chinese Vice President Wu Island children have been confirmed to join the LA MIU Lan Miao underwear , as vice president, responsible for brand, product and marketing efforts.

Mr. Kojima previously worked for 18 years with Japan's Wacoal Group, Asia's largest underwear company, of which 7 years in China. As the head of the product department, Mr. Kojima personally created the three brand systems of Wacoal Group in China and established a platform for the commodity department from planning and sales to inventory management. In 2009, with the planning and execution of Mr. Kojima, they brought the Peach Brand into China with great success.

LA MIU LAN Miao CEO Dong Lu said that "Mr. Kojima will become an important force of the current executive team, his product development experience in Wacoal and peach pie brand building experience will help LA MIU Lan Miao further improve the brand system so that LA MIU LAN Miao products and brands to achieve faster development in the future will be LA MIU LAN Miao brand in 2012, will focus on investing efforts to optimize the style of goods, improve product quality for consumers, the future of LA MIU Lan Miao's products will be leaps and bounds , Cost-effective to further enhance. "

In the e-commerce market experienced the pain of shuffling, LA MIU Lan Miao, wheat bags, green boxes and other vertical B2C enterprises stand out. With mastered the entire industrial chain from upstream to downstream, the vertical B2C e-commerce business looks no different from the traditional business, and its performance has been steadily improved. The 2011LA MIU sales growth is expected to more than triplly.

At present, most of e-commerce enterprises have the shortage of management personnel. However, since the establishment in 2008, LA MIU Lan Miao has been constantly recruiting talented people to join. In addition to the four outstanding partners, senior executives and consultants have many representatives from the United States Victorias'Secret, Coach, Amazon (microblogging), France Etam, Japan Wacoal, thousands of clubs and excellence, Dangdang (microblogging) and other companies experience.

Dong Lu described LA MIU Lan Miao's executive team is a "Hybrid Team" (Hybrid Team).

In July 2008, Donglu and Jinjin Daisuke met. As both have similar overseas experiences in China, Japan and the United States, at a glance, they hope to combine cutting-edge product design and customer service philosophy in Japan and the United States To China's mature manufacturing industry, through China's multi-channel marketing to provide consumers with unprecedented product value and consumer experience. In the same year, Hao Jian joined the founding team, he has a wealth of Internet marketing experience in China and many years of overseas experience in Russia.

With the support of Japan and the United States, VC (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was established. The meaning of "Good Life" is to bring excellent brand and unprecedented consumer experience to Chinese consumers through the international background of the team , So as to create a better life for consumers. The LA MIU Lan Miao is Dong Road, who in order to achieve their dreams in China's first brand.

Unlike other well-known international companies such as Google and Apple, these companies were born abroad, and the founders and top executives came to China from abroad. Life "is made up of people from different countries. The senior management team is still from different countries. They know the Chinese market more than foreign companies and are more in line with the international fashion than domestic companies, so they are better at creating a high-quality customer experience.

At present, LA MIU LANMOA has entered a stable stage of development. As the market share grows, the commodities, markets and technology sectors also expect professionals to join.

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