Ben Wang reported on November 8, since the 15th century French court costume designer invented high-heeled shoes, undoubtedly gave the fashion industry a heavy bomb. The 19th-century cute Mary Jane shoes were first introduced. This style was popular in the 19th century for 50 years. At that time, the shoemaking technology was quite mature. It was fashioned with different materials such as satin, silk and leather to create shoes. Also more diverse.

Centuries have passed and people’s enthusiasm for high heels has endured. To become an important element of men's and women's fashion, the design of various styles emerges in an endless stream. For women, high-heeled shoes are like a sharp, sexy, deadly dagger that allows women to conquer men.

Tip metallic high heels

Translucent white shirt with black knee-length skirt full professional sense, fur texture clutch full of mature feminine charm, the foot of the metal-colored high-heeled shoes with a full gas field, concise and refined lines for women with competent Independent posture.

Bow knot decorated fish pattern mouth wedge shoes

Army green autumn jacket, woolen fabric firm, simple lines, fine cut, light-colored cropped pants contrast with the upper body, was thin with the shoulder of the leather postman bag retro sophisticated, and dress up in tune. The wedge-shaped wedges of the fish's beak design a tie detail at the ankles, gently tying a golden bow around the ankles, and adding a little girlish playfulness to a sophisticated mature feminine.

Royal Blue Heel Shoes

In the painting, this color is called "the ultramarine youth" and is a very beautiful temperament. Loose design is comfortable and comfortable, coupled with dark red sexy wrap skirt, full of quality. The lake blue handbag has retro metal chain straps, quilted lines. The high-heeled shoes that are echoed with the tops are designed with velvet straps that are feminine. The whole body showed a good attitude and a modern lifestyle of pursuing freedom and fashion.

Black thick leather high-heeled shoes

The shirt is simple and casual, the fabric is comfortable, and the color is seamless and comfortable with the pink pants. Tightening down the pine is a common thin match. A deliberately curled trousers reveals a slender ankle that is another plus point for the entire match. Black patent leather platform heel strap design, heavy, personality.

Grey platform shoes

Loose black knit sweater with fold high-waist wide leg shorts, has a noble and retro temperament, the hands of the black handbag simple and stylish, the foot of the gray gray platform high heels the most temperament, and the upper body formed a layered sense of color, from sunglasses, Accessories, clothes and short boots, rhythmic black and white interlace subvert the traditional black and white boring, but full of charming vitality.

Lace thick heel shoes

Take off the complicated knit sweater of the suit, the blue shirt and pink purple shorts match very European and American fashion. The curl of the cuff is simple and concise, so that the wear will bring a level of illusion. The round lens sunglasses and shoulder bag are full of vintage feeling. The heavy-bottom thick heeled shoes are very temperament. The thin strips are wrapped around the ankles and are graceful and feminine.

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