AEVERN brand concept: make a woman bloom like a flower, shape your cloud-like posture - the perfect woman's dream Harbor.


The greatest trait of women is gentle, serene and firm! Gentle is the preface of tolerance; serene is the holiness of the heart; firm commitment to responsibility; release your fragrant breath, people around you - women's beautiful landscape!

AE VERN营造出浪漫优雅强烈的女性气息

AEVERN brand culture: romance is love and life passion and dedication, the pursuit of beauty - that is, AEVERN fashion women's design realm is based on natural silk fabrics, smooth stretch of the models combined with the silky silk itself, creating a romantic and elegant Feminine AEVERN with its classic style, high-grade fabrics, sophisticated technology, intellectual woman to create a confident, elegant and luxurious image.

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