How to make a counter-offer when buying jadeite raw materials? When buying jadeite raw materials, most people would be overwhelmed by the seller's high prices, so the buyer’s first price is very important. It can explain the level of your valuation, business capabilities and technical level. Too low prices are prone to joke and dissatisfaction, too high loss. This requires understanding of the jade market, freight, tariffs, fees, and quotations.

Where to buy jewelry made of raw materials to sell, what price can be sold, etc., must have an estimate. Therefore, attention should be paid to the following when buying; the purchase of high-grade goods from the hands of Jade experts is difficult to bet, and it is difficult to make profits from finished products. To buy clear goods from the hands of Emerald experts, be sure to understand what you can do, what you can do best, and where to sell, otherwise you will suffer a big loss. Because the masters have accurately calculated that he can not sell high prices, they will be processing jewelry. So you have to estimate the profit, otherwise you can't buy it again.

Don’t be intimidated by the seller’s high price when talking about price bargaining. First of all, you should have a rough estimate of this piece of material. Where does the goods come from, haven’t studied, whether the skin has any traces of research, what can you do? What kind of value, according to these circumstances just give him a minimum price, regardless of the sky-high he calls, but the lowest price should be appropriate. Then slowly add it to the highest price you can afford. If you can't buy it, you can grind it slowly. When his cash flow is difficult, he will be able to trade successfully.

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