Recently, plans to invest 600 million yuan to build a comprehensive textile fabric distribution market is stepping up construction. It is understood that this Hercynian modern international procurement and regional textile logistics center is scheduled to open on April 18 next year when the Quanzhou Commodity Fair and the 15th Cross-Strait Textile and Clothing Expo will be held.

Many private companies join hands to create

Shishi Garment City is a 34-minute drive away. On the side of Xihuan Road in Shishi City, a brown building complex attracts the attention of passing people.

“The building area is a total of 210,000 square meters, and a textile fabric complex is built. The project is listed as a key project in Quanzhou City.” Lin Qibin, deputy director of Shishi Economic Bureau in charge of the logistics industry, introduced the use of the influence and radiation power of Shishi Clothing City. A number of private enterprises jointly created the Lingxiu textile fabric distribution integrated market, achieving the common prosperity of Shishi Garment City, Nanyang Road Fabrics Market and other surface materials markets, forming a scale advantage, and forming a good logistics package with Quanzhou's textile and garment industry.

The author understands that the entire logistics distribution project was built by a company jointly established by Shishi's logistics companies and textile companies. It is a location advantage and an industrial foundation, and Cai Yu, the chairman of the investor Yutong Group, is optimistic about this piece of “wealth territory”. The project is located in the Lingxiu Apparel Park and is located at the “gateway” site of Shishi. The transportation is very convenient. It is also a “Logistics Base” for Shishi Clothing City Planning Area, Matching Apparel City, Cloth Market, Accessories Market, and Lingxiu Apparel Park Complex Service. ".

Prior to this, the investor teamed up with the logistics industry experts and the planning and design personnel of Fuzhou University to go to Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province to “acquire the Bible” from the world famous Keqiao Textile City. The author has also visited China Textile City, a textile distribution center with the largest scale, the most complete equipment, and the largest variety of products. It is the largest professional textile market in Asia with more than 10,000 business operators and annual turnover of over 600. 100 million yuan.

Positioning chief full-function textile textile city

"After the entire project is put into operation, it can provide 10,000 jobs, and it can pay more than 50 million yuan each year." Standing in front of the project model, Cai Yu, chairman of the investor Yutong Group, said with full confidence that the project includes textile distribution, Product integration, logistics and trade, corporate headquarters economy, information exchange, financial settlement and other functional complex services provide “one-stop” integrated service projects for the textile and apparel and other specialized markets to improve the efficiency of professional markets.

“Nine buildings in the first phase are already under construction, and 110,000 square meters of buildings are being renovated.” According to the person in charge of the construction site, the first phase of the project will be completed in August 2011 and the merchants will be able to enter the renovation in October.

The central bank kept raising the deposit reserve ratio, which kept the general trend unchanged. It also caused Tsai and shareholders to feel some pressure. "We have completed an investment of 280 million yuan." Cai Yan introduced that if we want to change the traditional logistics methods and integrate all information, distribution, and warehousing, we must continue to increase capital investment, positioning from a high starting point, making it a model of modern logistics.

The author was informed that the nine interior textile distribution centers and comprehensive building exhibition centers planned in the first phase have successfully attracted 300 enterprises from Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and the province. “The information center and the operation center are the main parts and will be managed by us in the future.” Cai Yan introduced that the operation of the project has captured the “nice nose” of the integrated distribution center and will play a leading role in improving the operating efficiency of the garment and textile industry and reduce the Social and corporate circulation costs, improve the market level of the textile and apparel industry.

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