Internationally renowned brand of the United States "Mikyo Big Eye Frog" children's clothing, advocate the concept of environmental health, interpretation of fashion leisure style garden. Its product variety is rich in Europe and the United States has formed a series of large-scale industrial chain of children's cartoon and cultural communication, cartoons, comic books, clothing, shoes and hats, stationery, toys, children's daily necessities. China's "big eye" frog children's wear was established in 2006, because of its strong sense of product line, and perfect the outstanding environmental protection, green design skills and other superb technology, which swept the entire children's wear market and become the mainstream trend of the brand and famous. "Big Eye Frog" children's clothing classic personality and high-profile achievements, the industry as the "overnight growth" legend myth. Nowadays, the big-eyed frog in the country has made more than 300 monopoly, counter regional radiation results, is the history of China's children's wear industry, in the shortest time quickly occupy the leading position in the domestic children's wear market, a brand new force. "Top Ten Brands in China's Children's Wear Industry", "China Top Brands," "Famous Brands in China," "Branded Products Favorite to Chinese Women and Children," "China's Green Kids," and "China's Famous Brand Products." Fame honorary title, witness the hard work and efforts of the big frog.

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