Chemical fiber textiles are one type of commodity that has the fastest change, the most style, the structural difference, and the process variation. Due to the lack of uniform standardized chemical fiber fabric names and codes in China, information systems with different management objectives and different management methods have different names, codes, and code structures for the same items, thus hindering the rapid exchange of information between textile information systems. Seriously affected the textile trade. From December 1, the “Code for Textile Fabrics (Chemical Fibers)” implemented throughout the country will solve the problem of confusion in the information fabrics of chemical fiber textiles and fill the gaps in China's textile fabric standards for a long time.

It is understood that this standard was proposed and managed by the National Article Code Standardization Technical Committee. It was initiated by Wujiang City Silk Capital Shengze E-commerce Information Co., Ltd. and was the first draft. The China Textile Information Center and the China Article Numbering Center jointly drafted it. After more than three years of improvement and adjustment, it has officially become a national standard.

"These codes are like the fabric's 'identity card', through which you can learn about the main raw materials, yarn structure, interweaving methods and other information." Shi Bin, Manager of Textile Fabric Coding Office, Shengjiang Electronic Commerce Information Co., Ltd. , Textile fabric chemical fiber part of the code used in all codes, composed by the name code and attribute code, a total of 17 digits, in accordance with the scientific, versatile, practical, expansive principles for the preparation, suitable for the production of textile fabrics, sales, Information processing and information exchange in the process of logistics, e-commerce, etc.