Shanghai OCO (OKKO) apparel company is Hong Kong Feiteng International Group, a set design, development, production, sales and service as one of the professional children's clothing company. O'KIDSCLUB chief designer Kang Jun Rose's love of "love alone." In her heart, each girl is "Rose Princess." So, she will be hand-embroidered roses embroidered her children's clothing above, praying "Rose Princess" can have noble and beautiful! "Such as budding rose, elegant and romantic" has become O'KIDS visual spirit. There is a beautiful legend about the European Rose. Legend, Venus was born from the sea, her body's bubble into a rose, beautiful fragrance, it is amazing! Rose, the god Venus Venus's birth flower. O'KIDS grows under the rustle of sycamore, France's romantic endorsement of children's wear. Its design will be pure French clothing art into children's wear, with "fine hand and beautiful tailoring," created a noble and elegant O'KIDS. Designers of magnificent aesthetics and spiritual vitality, romantic traditions from the 19th century have more modern expression, their clothing has become the "princess of love" Now, O'KIDSCLUB as a new mode of operation of the domestic Brand of the company quietly born, with its unique brand connotation, a sound service system and deep art of the combination of modern fashion trends, relying on professional quality and accurate grasp of the fashion culture for China's 2 to 12-year-old girl to provide Smart dream, fashion Elegant, romantic and free full range of clothing.