"Green cool" LUKU is committed to creating a leisure and fashion military clothing brand, to meet the modern metropolitan military complex; fashion and dynamic elements, given the military unique passion and romance. Let the city handsome and beauties in the busy pace, the gray shadow of the free industrial era, to nature, highlighting the instinct of life. The company combines the crystallization of the cooperation of professional designers both inside and outside the company. It integrates many elements such as outdoor, military, city and fashion in the design and production. The clothing lines are bright and neat. The style is concise and fashionable. The fabrics are made of high-grade woven fabrics, Breathable, functional and practical, comfortable and casual, both to meet the needs of the wild survival, but also in the city CITIC step court. "Green cool" brand is engaged in a clothing business for 12 years, concerned about environmental protection, full of love and wisdom and perseverance mature enterprises. Life is full of peaks and valleys, the legendary man is no exception, but after numerous frustrations and setbacks, he became more and more courageous, resolutely stands! And to be masculine, more chic! "Green Cool" is his Of the spirit of the symbol! "Green cool" to absorb the military green and green clothing, a combination of casual and stylish style, to bring modern city people relaxed and comfortable feeling, take off the tired professional dress, return Naturally, to show the true style! At the same time, all fabrics are made of pure natural eco-friendly materials, and all the details are the designer and the version of the division after dozens of volume revision before production, fit and generous. "Green cool" represents green, environmental protection, leisure, fashion, tough.