Unconsciously, we walked into the last day of September. Tomorrow is the national day celebrating all over the world. The Story of Man in Wonderland first wishes the people of China a happy National Day! During the National Day holiday, if you do not want to go to congested tourist attractions, then you can choose the bustling streets and shopping malls, and enjoy shopping. During the Eleventh Year of this year, the extraordinary Story Women also ushered in a new family - the Pinghu shop in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, dressed in costume on the National Day of the 11 National Day for the vast number of consumers ready for the 2015 autumn and winter fashion feast.

今年十一去哪里  非常物语浙江平湖新店等你来选购

The Story of Mansions Pinghu shop, with the same classic atmosphere of the brand store image, simple square shop because of a large array of new products and become more colorful. Small bright yellow jacket on the left with a spring print dress, highlighting the story of a youthful romantic urban style, while the simple store on the right side of the classic black lace dress, the world is very simple to show the style of European and American simplicity. Two major themes of style highlight the extraordinary style of women's clothing rich and diverse. Shop simple European-style decoration in the gold and white carved decoration, the more understated low-key luxury, sweet vest skirt, elegant dress, capable small suit, chiffon shirt, commuter Slim pants, thin jacket ... many styles, many colors , Is waiting for the arrival of many consumers, to create a variety of young and trendy girls.

今年十一去哪里  非常物语浙江平湖新店等你来选购 今年十一去哪里  非常物语浙江平湖新店等你来选购

Say a woman should love yourself well, as we continue to enhance their inner temperament and self-cultivation at the same time, do not forget to use clothing to enhance their charm. So this fall, women love yourself from the very beginning of the story-line women, to create an elegant dress yourself shine the streets. Very Monogatari Women's shop look forward to your visit! During the 11 National Day, the Story is more surprises promotions launched, do not miss!

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