Under the new normal, the enterprise development faces many challenges as well as many opportunities. As a 16-year-old brand, how can ECA actively adapt to the new normal, seize new opportunities and achieve new leaps?

"Change is the trend." Chen Jingtai, the helm of the ECA, said that today's market environment has long been different from a few years ago. To this end, ECA started to seek new breakthroughs, first repositioning the brand after ECA's flagship "elegant, , Art "style, after market research, analysis and research on the future development of the brand, ECA saw the prospects of women 's luxury clothing , so the brand positioning adjusted to" elegant, artistic, light luxury "women, committed to the ECA" Goddess "shaped as" queen. "

So, then, ECA will be how to consolidate its position in the light luxury women's market to help ECA consumers from the "goddess" to "Queen" magnificent transformation it?

ECA 接受时装周访谈“ECA, 让女神变身女王”

Alien Union boost brand transformation

"We are implementing the alliance strategy, including the talent alliance, the channel alliance and the alliance, which is our company's key breakthrough in the next 3-5 years and the accumulation of precipitation direction," said Chen too. Among them, "Alien Alliance" is a novel concept. What is "different industry alliance"? And everyone is familiar with the "cross-border alliance" What is the difference? Chen Jingtai introduced that different industry alliances are not simply cross-border alliances, and cross-border alliances do not necessarily converge. However, the alliance emphasizes the higher degree of integration. The alliance needs to extend to the big team concept that the alliance should not only Do yourself well, but also with the allies to form a high degree of integration, complementarity and support.

ECA 接受时装周访谈“ECA, 让女神变身女王”

Chen Jingtai told reporters that the "big team" that talent union, the soul of a large team is not just the company's internal team, as well as partners, friends and relatives, and consumers. In order to play the advantages of large teams, the company specially adjusted the mode of operation of the mode of operation, such as the original franchisee to upgrade a single function of the marketing department, the agency changed to branch offices. At the same time, the company will also recruit more talents to attract more elites. For the same industry partners, with the formation of complementary advantages of high-end companies to support some of the very beginning of the business, promote each other to form a win-win situation. The ECA's aim is to attract "friends" from all corners of the globe to work together in the apparel industry. The ECA fits into the "team" of ECA through this alliance with its allies to gain the trust of its peers. Such a "team" is very rare in today's market, it is not only a think tank developed by the company, but also will be ECA's biggest winning weapon in the future battle of apparel.

At the same time, "alien union" is also inseparable from "channel alliance." For example, Chen Jingtai, as previously ECA mainly through the entity to sell women's shops, and now shoes and accessories, the overall image modeling, cafes, flowers, body and soul growth platform, assembly shop, living museum ... and other industries formed different Industry alliances, and these can also be reflected in the channel alliance to achieve multi-resource sharing, win-win situation.

ECA 接受时装周访谈“ECA, 让女神变身女王”

Intentions to "operate" consumers

In fact, the proposed alliance strategy, mainly from the ECA business philosophy changes. Chen Jingtai frankly stated that in today's era, as an enterprise, it operates not only products and services but also "consumers", and this also involves ECA's concept of "education and marketing."

Specifically, the ultimate goal of business consumers, how to firmly grasp the heart of consumers, how to retain the hearts of consumers, is the ultimate goal of the enterprise. "You have to keep the heart of people in order to retain a person, and only continue to improve the bonding of consumers in order to be invincible in the market." Chen Jing too said. The so-called "business" consumers, that is, from the consumer's point of view to consider what consumers want, and timely guidance, take the initiative to provide the appropriate products and services. With the improvement of living standards, the pursuit of modern women has long been confined to the appearance of "I am beautiful?" More is "I am happy? I am the United States?" This is the beauty of "body and soul." They are "play beautiful" master, enjoy the beautiful glory and fun. They are beautiful and more intelligent, mature and elegant, intelligent and confident. For this reason, ECA considers not only to provide consumers with a full range of services, but also to meet some of the daily needs of consumers and other needs, and constantly improve their well-being, such as the establishment of a women's salon Clubs, so that consumers have their own stylists, designers, to provide its services from head to toe, she can either with its shape to choose a suitable set of clothing, but also for a set of elegant clothing to do modeling These are exactly what modern women are pursuing. They want to be comforted by their bodies, minds and spirits. They are not only glamorous and outward looking, but more of the charm distributed by their body and mind. In another example, ECA also organizes public welfare travel activities such as student education to enable consumers to enjoy the sunshine journey while practicing social responsibility and get the release of body and soul. Through such a thoughtful and meticulous service, consumers can feel the same "queen" service inside and outside, showing the Queen's range of children, promoted by the goddess to the Queen!

At present, ECA's alliance strategy has been implemented in Shaanxi, Hunan and Henan this autumn and has achieved good results. In the future, ECA will also implement the "Three 100s" project, which will work with 100 like-minded enterprises to help 100 high-end talent realize their entrepreneurial dream and establish a channel alliance with 100 high-quality platforms.

ECA 接受时装周访谈“ECA, 让女神变身女王”

The 20th China (Humen) International Fashion Fair & 2015 Humen Fashion Week will be unveiled, 14: 00-14: 30 November 21, ECA fashion brand conference will be the main venue for fashion show debut, Let us share the ECA set of French elegance, Italian sexy and oriental exquisite in one of the "Queen" charm!

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