Ralph Lauren's Ralph Lauren Polo series has written down-and-beaten brand traditions for the spring and summer of 2016, injecting new ideas into classic costumes to create a fashionable men's style. The collection is a combination of cutting-edge tailoring, technical excellence, and rugged style, creating a new series of style, freshness and avant-garde.

Brown, grey and navy blue suits have been carefully crafted to reveal a natural, breath-taking atmosphere. Suits are woven with lightweight materials and are designed with narrow lapels and soft shoulder pads. The self-cultivating navy blue dress coat and navy blue flaxen herringbone jacket with cream-white trousers are designed with a double-breasted design, which indicates the return of the double-breasted boom. The dress shirt is mainly white and blue, while the tie is painted with a deep solid color and is low-key and reserved.

The series adheres to Polo's sporty style. The bright red fireman's jacket is sealed and has waterproof function. It is equipped with a metal zipper and brown belt buckle. The military plaid iron knight jacket is lined with a belt and four pockets. It is best to use navy blue. Sweaters, simple white trousers, and striped shirts and ties. The pleated Polo shirts are exquisitely crafted with long-lined check jackets and light navy blue suede vests to interweave a laid-back classic.

The dark blue tone evokes the moving atmosphere of the harbour, showing a fortitude. The navy blue nylon trench coat is lined with textured washable cotton and cashmere sweaters and incorporates accessory elements. The two-stringed young-striped jacket contrasts strongly with the iron knight-style distressed jeans, while the three-piece suit is made of indigo denim, and is ideal for matching striped student cloth shirts and knit ties.

The brand uses black and grey to create clothing for modern urban men. The distinctive sportswear is modeled on the university sportswear and incorporates delicately worn denim and leather. Sweatpants and hoodies are lined with classic woolen jackets; jackets and trousers are woven from technical nylon fabrics, lined with knits or sports shirts, and tie-backs to evoke sophisticated urban style with functional elegance.

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