This site reported on July 9 that I don't know if you have a summer plan. If you plan to go for a short trip, you need to be able to perfectly adapt to the free transition between the sun lounge pools. We have collected the most of this season's flip flops. The best alternative is to provide gentlemen with a more discerning taste.

Wide mouth drag

The major sports brands Nike and Adidas have produced a series of styles that are suitable for street styles. With hip-hop style sportswear jersey shorts have a good effect, try a pair of white socks with your personality to show more. Gentlemen are busy. We don't need laces because we don't have time.

2. Birkenstock

Guess what? With regard to sandals, in the spotlight of fashion, they still can't escape the return of retro style to the market. The simple and comfortable style popular in the last century is popular today, with casual wear with a good effect, it is a street trend weapon.

3. Canvas casual shoes

Who says canvas shoes like tramps? They are lightweight, fast drying and small enough to be carried in hand luggage. Canvas shoes are wild items that you can wear without thinking about it. Unlike many other shoes, you always have to consider whether they will break their style of wear. Canvas shoes do not need to worry about.

4. Woven shoes

Today's society is relatively tolerant of men's bad taste, but often some men still want to show their little talent in the dress, woven shoes can often help you a big time at this time. In addition, it is important that the weaving styles in recent years have brought about earth-shaking changes in the appearance of the image, more attention to quality materials and soft leather to create a cool, masculine style.

5. Boat shoes

Well, boat shoes are obviously in a completely different fashion item, and therefore, can't really be seen as substitutes for comparable canvas shoes. A pair of high-quality boat shoes not only provide a comfortable feeling but also show an uncommon wearing attraction. Rubber soles are soft and hardwearing, which ensures gentlemen's pace, and Navy shirts with white shirts can make you full of fashion sense. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Media cooperation: Yalun Shu Sha shoes)

Duang!! Sweep, there is a surprise!!!

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