La Shalbel's Moliere Femme 2015 summer pop elements. In the wardrobe of Girls, there are probably a few striped items. In spring and summer every year, the striped elements will always be popular. Whether it is a horizontal strip or a vertical strip, it is hot, for no reason, it is fashionable! Thin! The classic stripe illusions a variety of outfit styles in the designer's hands. Can you wait to try the latest stripe fashion?

Multi Fuction Safety Vest

This Multi Fuction Safety vest is an upgraded version of the base vest, special vests for special industries. Such as flame fuction safety vest benefit from flame retardant reflective tape as well as limited flame spread binding and can protect workers against occasional and brief contact with small igniting flames, in circumstances where there is no significant heat hazard and without the presence of another type of heat. But it is necessary to know that fire resistance is not equal to incombustibility; Waterproof Safety Vest can protect the wearer from getting wet and keep warm.

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