In the apparel market, the women's brand in Hangzhou is much loved by all dealers. Many dealers have come to consult on the issue of joining the Hangzhou women's brand, Xiaobian in order to better serve each dealer, had to continue to recommend to you the women's brand from Hangzhou. Today, we recommend to Hangzhou women's brand " Mu Bian ."


Mubo (MUBO) is Hangzhou Diya Industrial Co., Ltd.'s ladies clothing brand. Mulu at reasonable prices, quality service to fashion to provide rich, sophisticated fashion products. Success established a good brand image. Today, the products sell well in more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide, focusing on comfort, attention to detail, continuing the traditional characteristics of silk crafts, so graceful woman decent decent access to modern life for all occasions.
Through unremitting efforts, the company has entered the information management platform model, to achieve the management, sales, service integration. Can quickly and effectively respond to the market, so that their products and the market should be more close to the market strategy.

想加盟一个杭州的女装品牌 杭州女装品牌推荐

Wood and silk brand design concept from Europe, uphold the brand has always been European noble, elegant and romantic design. The 25-year-old modern urban women, portrait interpretation of the unique charm of women, advocate the connotation of quality of life, leading the fashion women to become the focus of life and respect. Let their life more high quality, all the time reflect the modern women should have the elegance. New quarterly market, are much loved by consumers. With the recognition and support of consumers, franchisees naturally do not have to worry about sales volume. Therefore, want to join the choice of women's brand in Hangzhou Silk is a very good choice. Moreover, after joining the business will also give all the support. Interested in a message or call it now Mu Pi.

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