In order to strengthen the emotional exchange between new and old employees and cultivate the staff's responsibility, communication, innovation and awareness of teamwork, May Good Children's apparel employees organized an outdoor expansion activity in Winterthur Garden. The expansion activities to team-building as the center, to create team cohesion, enhance employee communication for the purpose. Outdoor development activities is a tacit understanding between the individual and the team, collaboration, increase the friendship between team members and promote team members in-depth communication and exchange, so that everyone in the team on the meaning of the team to re-understand, and thus Improve their team work efficiency, team execution. For the individual, he can challenge himself and increase his sense of purpose so that everyone can go farther, better and higher on the path of his life .... In today's society, innovation is the soul of a knowledge-based economy and creativity is a measure of the quality of scientific and technological personnel The important criterion The cultivation of staff creativity and innovation is the focus of quality education. To stimulate the imagination potential, to develop staff creativity is to expand the top priority of training. And this event not only enhances the staff's sense of belonging to the enterprise, but also let everyone realize that work by team collaboration rather than fighting alone, a wolf is not terrible, terrible is a pack of wolves! Evening watching their own baked food, saliva are flowing out, and instantly feel very good ..... in this good children's clothing hard work team staff, I express my heartfelt thanks to precisely because there The hard work of your good children's future will go further ........

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