An instant eye-catching Shenzhen underwear Fair today is already the last day, each of the exhibition hall carefully arranged and gorgeous show gives a glimpse of the feeling of bright colors everywhere, but the show there A quiet place, that is Tianzhu Healthy Living Museum .



You see the exhibition hall is so fresh and natural outside, exhibition hall made of wood and bamboo, giving a feeling of freshness, as well as bamboo health life staff wearing bamboo fibers made of clothing, but also a little retro elegant feeling , A healthy lifestyle will choose Tianzhu Healthy Living Museum.



The light in the exhibition hall is based on a warm yellow hue, not a very bright color to bring comfort to your eyes, just like the clothing made of bamboo fiber gives you the healthiest skin care. Each new search is so neatly arranged, there is no brilliant color, more soft colors to bring you more warm feeling.

Tianzhu Healthy Living Hall for the show brought a touch of green, in the bustle of the noise, give us a little quiet time.

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