Color masterbatch is also known as color masterbatch. Color Master Batch is a novel colorant for polymer materials, also known as Pigment Preparation. It consists of three basic elements: pigments or dyes, carriers and additives. It is an aggregate obtained by uniformly loading an excess amount of a pigment or dye into a resin. It can be called a pigment concentration (Pigment Concentration). The coloring power is higher than the pigment itself. Simply put, a masterbatch is an aggregate made by uniformly loading an ultra-constant amount of a pigment or dye into a resin.

Full Size Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Saving yourself from the uncomfortable bed without spending high replacement cost, you need one comfity full size Memory Foam Mattress Topper. This full size memory foam mattress topper made of 2 inches gel-infused memory foam, adds extra plushness and softens firm mattresses, bounces of your traditional spring mattress, enjoys minimized motion transfer and prolongs your mattress life. Suitable for sofa bed, guest bed, college dorms, Tatami, camping, outdoor yoga and more. High-density memory foam conforms to your curves & spinal alignment, helps to relieve pressure points & enhances supportive, prevent shoulder/back/hit pain caused by over sinking or hard mattress. Suitable for side/back/stomach sleepers. Open cell & egg crate foam structure design improves air flow and breathability, regulates temperature & prevents overheating for better sleep.

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