Recently, there has been a hot topic on the Internet - jewelry has radiation, and many people are afraid to wear jewelry when they are afraid of radiation. But at the same time, there are also the sayings of "three years of people raising jade, ten years of jade raising people". So what is the benefit of wearing jewelry? Still have drawbacks? Is there a scientific basis for the popular online saying?

Is jewellery radioactive?

Miss Zhang saw in a magazine that wearing jewelry can pass through the meridian. After reading it, Miss Zhang insisted on wearing the ring every day, and from time to time she also turned around to get through the meridian. After a few days, she felt that her neck and hands were particularly itchy and her hands were red and swollen. She checked the Internet and the Internet has a very scary statement that jewellery is radioactive, and long-term wear will double the incidence of breast cancer and lung cancer. This is a great deal. Miss Zhang went to the hospital for a check and came to the conclusion that the jewelry she bought was an alloy product, which was fake and contained nickel. People who are allergic to nickel, wearing such accessories will cause contact dermatitis, redness and itching.

Gemstones are radiated but no harm

So is there really radioactivity in jewelry? Zhao Wei, National Registered Jewelry Quality Inspector of Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Management Center: "The radioactivity of jewelry has two reasons. The first is that the gemstone grows together with the radioactive material next to it in the long crust formation process; the other is In order to obtain beautiful colors, some gemstones are irradiated. However, the gemstones we have now extracted are after hundreds of millions of years of crustal changes, and its radioactivity has long since become detrimental. In the case of artificial irradiation, it is a regular manufacturer that can perform such operations. They will be allowed to stand for a period of time after irradiation, and then they will be on the market. The radiation of such gemstones has no harm to the human body."

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