The hair in the natural hair crystal is mostly straight filamentous, and the small ones are also curved, often in the form of bundles, radial or irregular orientation; the hair strands are straight and parallel, and the crystals appear in parallel. The cat's eye effect has become a fine product in the hair. Today, Xiaobian tells everyone how to identify black crystals?

Identification method of black crystal:

The general black crystal, its crystal is not particularly perfect, crystal crystal turbid, it will affect the beauty of hair crystal, and the best black crystal is also a good black crystal, its hair and crystal are distinct, completely turbid, Cloudy, cracked ice.

The third characteristic of synthetic crystals is that they are clean and flawless. Natural crystals often have inclusions and cotton, while synthetic crystals are crystal clear. Individual synthetic crystals have bubbles or some solid impurities. Recently, some synthetic crystals often have some triangular long tubular pores in which there are green flaming red powders. The long tube is characterized by parallel arrangement in one direction, the section is triangular, and there are often uneven green fire red powder distributed along the wall, the middle is often empty, and the end of the long tube has a tendency to become sharp. The true natural hair crystal is a crystal containing minerals such as tourmaline, actinolite, rutile, etc. These minerals have a gas crystal shape, such as the "bamboo-like" shape of the amphoteric stone. They are wrapped in crystals, arranged in a non-directional manner, thick and slender, short and different, often accompanied by inclusions and cotton inherent in natural crystal. Observe if there are inclusions, ice cracks, etc.

Black hair crystal refers to the inclusion of black needles or hairy substances, mostly black tourmaline (Tourmaline), which looks cool and modern! The above is the introduction of the black crystal identification method, I hope to help you.

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