To see more boring colors, inevitably visual fatigue, although the underwear is worn inside others can not see, but it can affect their mood. Fresh colors combined with fashion elements, to bring you comfortable and natural wearing experience. Impression of beauty with fashion style and elegant style, has won the favor of many consumers.


A touch of sky blue, like the sky in early spring colors, full of sunshine, very thorough, into the enduring streak elements, times more fashion sense. Although the style is simple, but did not affect its wearing effect, the thin three-dimensional cup under the shape of the perfect sexy breast cleavage, ribbon bow and lace lace under the embellishment, even more girls feelings.


Although underwear can give us a more perfect body shape, but after all, is the private thing, if accidentally revealed in front of people is a very embarrassing thing, especially in the weary summer, so a lot of beige underwear People's first choice. This underwear and lace through the bottom cup covered with double combination to meet the needs of summer wear, while the more prominent sexy charm.


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