Ben February 6 hearing, in the autumn and winter fashion shoes, dull colors and indispensable extra embellishment elements, become a beautiful scenery in autumn and winter shoes. Metal decoration can be said in each quarter of the shoe design is reflected most vividly, this year, the metal is still shine on the shoes, to make people eye-catching the whole piece of metal appearance in various parts of the shoes, people suddenly This dazzling metallic luster caught the eye.


STUART WEITZMAN Metallic edgy pointy flats, applying cool metallic leather to elegant, flat-toe styles, unique illusion effects, cool personality, stylish energy and brightening your urban look. .


GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Metal Studded Patent Leather High Heels are crafted from top-quality patent leather. The shiny, soft surface allows you to walk light and comfortable. The golden toe of the toe cap is the designer's sacred stroke, infused with dazzling brilliance for the basic style, and a cool urban charm.

ASH 真皮幻彩鱼嘴高跟踝靴

ASH leather high-heel ankle boots, simple style, using fine black leather texture, the focus is on the heel, with rose gold as the main tone reflects the psychedelic brilliance, revealing a trace of the future Fashion sense, showing atmosphere stylish style.


GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Metal rivet leather pointy booties made from delicate and breathable leather fabric. The long shoe lines are mature and elegant. At the same time, they have some cool colors. The rivets on the toe show the brand's luxurious rebellious style, making you relaxed. With a unique charm style. (Collaborative Media: Bao Manni Women's Shoes Sidney Daniel Shoes)

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