As an essential daily necessities for summer, choosing a mat that suits you will add more cool feeling to the summer. Do you know about them in the face of a wide variety of mats with different functions on the market?

Summer mat purchase, maintenance guide

How to buy a mat?

Bamboo mats should be selected as bamboo heads, bamboo knots, fine fibers, and soft and tough "heads." Head green is the first to say, the most cool and flexible.

Summer mat purchase, maintenance guide

The straw mat is made of rush, bulrush, and malan grass. Among the straw mat family, the most prestigious one is the “Ning Xi” of Ningbo, Zhejiang.

Summer mat purchase, maintenance guide

The rattan mat is made of rattan skin and is the most famous in Yunnan Tengchong. The rattan mat is soft and wear-resistant, and has good elasticity. It is cool in the lying, and it helps to sleep with the bamboo mat.

Summer mat purchase, maintenance guide

In addition to choosing different varieties according to your preference, you should also smell, see, touch and test at the time of selection:

Test: The size of the mat is strictly according to the size of the bed. It should be narrow and not wide. Otherwise, the mat will be easily damaged because it is too wide to expose the bed.

Look: See if the color is uniform, light green or bright yellow. Then level the surface to see if the weave is tight and even. If the weaving is not tight, the thickness is uneven, it is easy to expose the ribs and loose edges, causing breakage and damage, which affects the service life. See if there are black, mildew, wormholes, burrs or withered yellow grass, and some indicate that the mat is of poor quality.

Touch: Try to feel whether the surface feels smooth and the corners are neat and tidy.

Smell: Fresh materials, new products prepared in the same year have a natural fragrance. Whether it is bamboo mats, straw mats, or rattan seats, it should be fragrant but without special smell.

How should the mat be maintained?

The mats are well maintained: the mites are prone to parasitization in the gaps of the mats, resulting in "mat dermatitis." Therefore, the maintenance of the mat is crucial. It is best to take a photo in the sun (time is controlled within half an hour), repeatedly beat it several times, then wipe off the dust with warm water, and dry it in the shade; the straw mat used in the second year should be disinfected. Wipe the water again, or wash it with soapy water, filter it with warm water, and then dry it in a cool place; if possible, use the straw mats every day with sweat or dust, and wipe it with warm water before use.

Summer mat purchase, maintenance guide

Eye-catching points: It is recommended that infants, the elderly and the poor constitutional sleeper are suitable for sleeping. Sleeping on other mats is prone to cold and causes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Bamboo mats are well-maintained: bamboo mats should not be exposed to avoid brittleness; when laying bamboo mats, keep the bed flat, so as not to break. It is best to wipe it with warm water after going to bed every day before going to bed. This will make the bamboo mat reddish in advance and thus cooler.

Summer mat purchase, maintenance guide

Eye-catching points: open the air conditioner overnight, preferably 26 ° C. To sleep on the mat, be sure to cover the abdomen, shoulders and other parts with a thin blanket, do not get cold, to prevent diarrhea, cold disease and even spinal disease and frozen shoulder.

The rattan mat is well-maintained: Before use, wipe the mat with the warm and damp towel and dry it, then use it after drying. Wipe frequently during use to keep the mat clean and smooth. When the air humidity is high, keep the room ventilated and prevent mildew.

Summer mat purchase, maintenance guide

Eye-catching points: The mats made of ropes, shackles, and grass are allergic to people, and those who use bamboo and rattan have less allergies.

The leather mat is well maintained: during use, regularly wash the mat with a slightly damp towel to remove perspiration. If you find any smudges, just wipe it with a damp towel. Never wash it with water. It should not be exposed to sunlight or baked with an open flame. When the cowhide is used for a long time, there will be pores and skin lines, which are naturally formed and do not require special maintenance measures.

Summer mat purchase, maintenance guide

General maintenance methods for all mats:

1, the size of the mat and the bed must match, otherwise it is easy to break.

2, usually the mat should be kept flat, under the seats can not put clothes or books and other items, so as not to fold and wrinkle.

3, after going to bed every day before going to bed, it is best to wipe with warm water, one can reduce the salt left by the sweat, the second can make the surface clean and cool.

4, after the mat is wiped with a damp cloth, it should not be exposed to the sun in the sun, so as not to become brittle, but should be placed in the shade or ventilated place to dry.

5, the mat should also avoid soaking in the water to scrub, to avoid mildew or exposure caused by reduced service life.

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Summer mat purchase, maintenance guide

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