Sports in 2014 on the T stage return once again for all to see, the blossoming New York streets, supermodel who are going to wear a sweater jacket outside the gorgeous dress. Romantic Paris modern girl wide-leg pants no longer that 12 cm high heel, replaced by different colors of sports shoes, and even the star of the street shot LOOK is also full of thick elements of movement. Amazing! Sporty wind is back ~ ~ ~ ~

In the twentieth century, Western women had long since escaped their huge skirts and put on more liberal costumes. At that time the rise of sportswear mostly cotton material, due to TA thin breathable personal comfort properties are subject to the majority of women of all ages.


Hundreds of years later, we saw more cotton dunnage or tannin made leisure suit, the transformation of the fabric also highlights the excellence of women in clothing. In the summer of 2014, DAZZLE brings a fresh combination of sports style and perspective elements. It is not contrived, luxurious and clean as a white lotus. People gaze at TA but can not get away from it.

Fashion pioneer COCO CHANEL once said: a woman should be elegant and amazing. This summer, may wish to try the sport of the new return, be an elegant and amazing woman ...

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