Perspective loaded is the current actress who attended some activities to wear the dress, designed to use the perspective of style, put on the body dress, not too exposed and can win the eye, but also a star of red heart machine wear It's Life is the show floor, in the summer of the United States also has some unsightly but sexy skirts that make you worth trying.


(Source: SKOFF- poetry Ke Fu 2013 spring and summer new products)

Black hollow lace skirt, perspective elements in the black under the color appears more sexy charm. Within the white to pick up the skirt, enriched the sense of hierarchy at the same time more aesthetic temperament. Even the perspective of the dress will not seem overwhelming, the same can be used as a street dress Oh.

透视装性感来袭 让这个夏季不再单调

(Source: SKOFF-poetry Ke Fu 2013 spring and summer new products)

Black dress skirt simple and generous straight skirt, clean and neat. The designer's abstract design inspiration, adding a transparent mesh gauze skirts, rather big-name temperament, but also clever hiding the leg lines, the calves are not satisfied with the girls can try.

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