Now tide dad tide who are like to dress the children's very trend, people like to see, the child is adorable, in the match with the handsome clothing, really let people can not extricate themselves, for the latest Popular children's clothing style is already parents must do their homework, handsome autumn and winter dress, vest trendy eyes. Photo credit: force fruit children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter new autumn and winter fashion, bright colors, mix and match, casual, hip-hop or retro? How should these match? The child dressed handsome point, in fact, is very simple, a vest with enough to attract your eyes, goose yellow vest with a blue long T a pair of light green jeans, a pair of Martin boots, enough trend of retro. Photo credit: fruit fruit clothing 2013 autumn and winter new girls can play cute, loaded with sweet, boys can also be very handsome, but also can be well-behaved dress, a cute stitching sweater with a bright vest, stitching The color is the highlight of this dress, the perfect color splicing, with a casual cowboy, can also be very charming.

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