In everyone's joy and expectations, the three-day Doraemon Cats 2014 spring and summer new orders will be held recently in Shantou, Zoulu seaside town, gourmet town. This feast has attracted hundreds of new and old friends from all over the world. Orderly ordering the customer to order earnestly Doraemon Cats Spring / Summer 2014 will be on the scene Doraemon cat with the keen sense of smell of fashion elements and the unique trend of forward-looking, and will always adhere to the health and comfort in the first place love and responsibility , So that every quarter of children's wear new products are acclaimed. This time, "Doraemon" 2014 spring and summer solemnly launched a few series of new products, these models unique avant-garde, stylish personality, cleverly designed into the concept of each design among them, people achieve immediate results. Ding Dong cat brand is committed to every detail of the Order Another highlight of the order will be 3D series of clothing, according to Xie Weihua brand director Ding Dong introduction, Ding Dong cat naked eye 3D children's clothing alone to create a new series, all of the world's leading 3D Technology, the technology successfully broke through the traditional printing limitations, a unique way to clothing patterns to be demonstrated, to achieve a full range of visual experience, bringing the visual impact of the naked eye 3D shock. New just appeared, they deeply attracted the eyes of many franchisees, surprises and shocks in words, have full of praise. Everyone also began to order in an intense and orderly manner in the repeated applause. In 2014, "Ding Dong Cat" will usher in another strong leap, with the release of spring and summer new products, will be unique "Doraemon" brand connotation, from the application to the selection of shops, staff recruitment, staff training To the official opening, the entire business process, "Doraemon Cat" team professional and efficient help, but also to maximize the excavated the vitality and creativity of both. The three-day order will be successfully concluded, it seems the end is actually a new beginning, "Doraemon" headquarters is about to go to the next stage of intense work. "Jingle cat" will be full of passion, full of vitality, martial arts, and strive to achieve brand new leap again.

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