August 18 at 15:00, Love yarn baby 2013 innovative business model conference. Dongguan station in Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Dongcheng International Hotel held as scheduled. A total of 53 underwear industry dealers from all over participated in this innovative business model conference.


Unlike other brands of conference routines, Love Baby 2013 Innovative business model conference was the fantastic model show from the very beginning, and then followed by a new round of model shows, in line with the theme of underwear at the same time, to bring guests Colorful fashion visual feast. Subsequently, the love yarn baby production director Sun Zhigang published a warm welcome speech; followed by love yarn baby director of marketing Zou Jifu share underwear industry's latest business model - at this time, many prepared dealers have begun to vying for agency And joined the policy. However, in the chest love yarn baby staff have politely said that joining or acting on the contract needs to wait until the meeting to the last agenda before.

内衣行业再现跑马圈地潮  恋纱宝贝2013创新商业模式发布会东莞站首发大获成功

With Love yarn baby executive director and director of marketing Zou Jifu's admission, the conference has come to the climax. At the conference, Mr. Zou Jifu delivered a wonderful speech titled "Perfect Beauty and the Beauty of Adults". He discussed the development of the underwear industry in detail and explained the market positioning and development strategy of Love yarn and the warm applause of participants.
Conference site came in addition to the dealer in Dongguan, there are from Hunan, Fujian and other provinces and cities of the agents. According to conference materials, the most popular is underwear practitioners in Dongguan.

Soon, a lady named surname surnamed Zhou signed a love yarn baby agent in Dongguan in Guangdong; Miss Deng was included in the bag in Hunan Province; Miss Zhang first sign for Shenzhen in Shenzhen, Fujian area was successfully signed by Mr. Li ...... Other regions Also one by one the hand of all the people. Due to the large number of participants at the scene, there were four young ladies competing for agents in Dongguan area and two young ladies competing for the qualifications of the Shenzhen area competition situation, and ultimately Love yarn baby staff to be properly coordinated. Finally did not sign to Dongguan, Miss Li, Miss Huang and Ye had signed a franchise.

Since this love yarn baby to develop the agency and distribution area only 8, and most are located in Dongguan, Guangdong, and aspiring contractors reached nearly 20 people, the contracting area was clearly in short supply. The original plan 5 o'clock end of the activity lasted until 20 o'clock at night, the participants still have not enough, one after another follow the love yarn baby executives all the way to talk to his hotel where the hotel Kenshin give up.

Hu from Hunan, a veteran underwear distributor told reporters that since the underwear industry in 2010 began to re-layout, shuffle, for many years there has been no one so popular brand so popular, and he made a special trip from Hunan to Dongguan participants , Wanted to take a look at this, refer to the development trend of emerging industries brand, did not expect the scene is too hot, no chance of their own into the competition lost the opportunity to sign. However, Miss Hu said he has left the contact information through the staff, he looked forward to the next opportunity brought by Love Baby.

Acting for the agents looking forward to the mood, love yarn baby director of marketing Zou Ji Fu standpoint, to be September 8, 2013 in Dongguan for customers want to join again to hold a brand recommendation. In accordance with the previous scheduled schedule, September 25, Love yarn baby 2013 Innovative business model conference. Xi'an station will also be held. Subsequently, Love yarn baby 2013 innovative business model conference in various parts of the country will also be held one after another, I hope the majority of agents and distributors at all levels always concerned about Love yarn through the official website and around the media released the participants information.

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