Distinct Kay Women's Women's Spring 2014 conference will be opened on September 13-16 at Shenzhen Shanshui Country Garden Resort. Here, we sincerely invite the colleagues in the industry and friends of the majority of franchisees to participate in the event to witness the future of Destin Kai Women's fashion.

Shenzhen Shanshui Country Resort

Shenzhen Shanshui Country Resort

"Distin Kidny" clothing has formed a complete series. The company's three product lines: art, personalized fashion series, romantic lifestyle series and intellectual, elegant metropolis series meet the needs of various customers in different market areas. Products include: T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, vests, coats, trench coats, dresses, skirts, pants, coats, down jackets, furs...etc.

Destin Kay cherishes every partner and understands the difficulties of survival! Thanks to every segment of fate, always put customer service first in the work!

September 13-16 Shenzhen Landscape Garden Resort Destin Kay Women's Fashion Week 2014 Spring Meets You, Meets You!

Meet hotline:

0755-22915281 Mobile Phone Luo
0755-22932361 Mobile Phone Miss Wu
0755-22915281 Mobile Phone Mr. Yin

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