"One City Painting One" Fashion mix and match brand apparel, there is a vast creative space, in the design, we have added a variety of cultural elements and fashion vision, "One City Painting One" to express this colorful and unrestrained ideas in each In the design of clothes, we have created romantic and free women – freedom of movement, freedom of thought and independent female style.

A city painting a fashion mix and match women highlights the unique taste

The designer brand is too personalized, and the popular brand is too homogenous. We are trying to combine the advantages of the two to highlight our own characteristics."
In product design, the "One City Painting One" brand pays special attention to the details of colors and accessories. The company also specializes in purchasing jewelry with exotic features from abroad, and applies them to the design of products. Through the embellishment of accessories, it highlights the unique taste of “one city painting one”.

A city painting a fashion mix and match women highlights the unique taste

Life style description: She is an urban woman who pursues a balance between life and career and actively explores the surrounding new things. She usually wears FASHION, or comfortable semi-formal clothing, or clothing style that can reflect the inner world of women's charm. Unique psychological needs, "I am not necessarily the most beautiful, but it must be different.

A city painting a fashion mix and match women highlights the unique taste

"One City Painting One"
Every city is a painting.
Every woman is a beautiful landscape in the city painting.
"One city draws one" and discovers the unknown oneself...
Product Positioning: Mid-range Fashion Mashup Women
Age positioning: urban women with a mental age between 26 and 36 years old advocating fashion and taste
Product style: fashion mix and match style - intellectual, elegant, urban natural style.
Product Category: mainly mid-range women's clothing, products cover bags, shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, belts, necklaces and other accessories Series: According to the design style, is divided into three major series, respectively, fashion and elegant series, natural city series , urban women series

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