Will textile and apparel exports slow down in the second half of the year? In the first half of the year, the overall demand for textiles and garments in Europe and the United States was better than last year, and the difference between domestic and foreign cotton prices narrowed from RMB 4,000 to RMB 5,000/ton last year to RMB 3,000/ton, which eased the momentum of outward shifts of orders to a certain extent. It is beneficial to the export of textiles and garments this year.

According to the latest statistical data from the General Administration of Customs of China, in June 2013, China’s textile and apparel exports stood at US$24.09 billion, an increase of 4.87% from the previous quarter and a year-on-year increase of 5.25%. Among them, exports of textiles (including textile yarns, fabrics, and articles) were US$9.225 billion, up 9.72% year-on-year; exports of apparel (including clothing and clothing accessories) were US$14.864 billion, up 2.66% year-on-year. Although the export data was unsatisfactory, a number of textile and garment companies reported that there was a downward trend in orders in the second half of the year and the outlook was not optimistic.

In response to new media reports on export tax rebates or press release, Zheng Yuesheng, spokesperson of the General Administration of Customs and director of the General Statistics Department, said at the press conference that the General Administration of Customs has not received any new policies and measures for foreign trade. News.

This year, labor costs are rising, and the value of *** is rising. Textile and apparel export companies are facing the lack of demand in the international market, increasing domestic policy pressures, and rising labor costs and other unfavorable factors. Analyst Li Liheng believes that the current market demand in Europe and the United States has not really improved. Relatively weak in the second half of the year, coupled with a large export base in the second half of 2012, exports will slow down in the second half of this year, and the annual growth rate is expected to be about 10%.

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