China's menswear industry rekindled a new vitality, and the entire industry in the completion of resource integration and industrial chain layout, the style is gradually becoming more casual and fashionable, of which the pre-Western (Hong Kong) International Clothing Group's men's brand before the BC is more unique fashion , Casual personality won the favor of consumers in the men's clothing industry, blowing a wave of "pre-eclair" As a cutting-edge brand of men's clothing, brand clothing design concept from the classical Passionate Mesopotamian civilization, advocating true character, natural. In a simple, sophisticated and unique style so that the cowboy return to the original. Human spirit as the mainstay of the design guiding ideology, promote modern sense of the senses and spiritual experience combined to make the product both comfortable, taste and considerate. The addition of idealism elements, but also make the product full of flavor. In late 2008, the LENSON team authorized the establishment of Prewestern garment manufacturing base in front of China and marketing headquarters in China. Prewestern formally entered the Chinese market before the Western Conference. After a few years in the Chinese market development and precipitation, as of 2012. Prewestern Pre-BC stores in more than 10 provinces in China, Prewestern BC after time will be more quickly spread in China, the British clothing culture, to bring Chinese men a different classic life. In 2013, the former BC brand men invited Park Hae Jin of Korea, a "national general of the whole country," as a brand ambassador to jointly interpret the former BC men's casual dress culture and showcase the younger generation in urban upstairs. How to interpret the essence of menswear brand together with Park Ha-won before the dollar, we look forward to together!


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