At present, China's underwear processing equipment is a world-class, China's processing level can also meet international standards, and China's underwear market launch of products compared with a certain distance, which is derived from our design and development did not do . China has tens of thousands of art students, who study fashion design talent, but very little with our underwear industry linked to the ability to introduce more design talent to this industry is a direct impact on the brand can The issue of ascension is also a problem affecting whether a brand is competitive.


Currently in the operation of the Chinese underwear market has thousands of brands sold on the market there are thousands of styles, and Italy Wana brand by what to open up their markets?

Designer Joseph introduction, the use of embroidery Embroidery lace embroidery, is the main style of Italian Wina underwear. Lace embroidery, is to create a layer of underwear, the main elements, but also the most expensive material on the fabric underwear. In order to clever use of lace, Italian designer Wanna started from the lace design, with reference to the design of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign designs, collected numerous cultural patterns, colors and other materials, the use of modern computer embroidery equipment can provide the effect of technology , The original one by one idea into a section of exquisite lace fabric.

PVC Coated Fabric 

Because of high water resistant, Pvc Coated Fabric is widely used on tent now, the main material is polyester. This fabric is both sides coated or one side laminated, the other side coated.


1. Customer colorful colors

2. Surface can be glossy, semi-glossy and matte, Acylic&PVDF treatment available

3. Water proof, aging resistance, acid base resistant, anti-UV, anti-mildew, cold resistant etc.

4. This products with high tensil, tearing&peeling strength make the goods long life.

You can choose any color and max in roll size is 5m , the general weight is 200GSM to 2000GSM.
According to different quality of PVC tarpaulin, lifespan is three to five years.

PVC Coated Fabric

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