Women like flowers, women like water, saying that nothing is wrong, a woman must be a delicate woman, said one-third of the three-point looks dressed, Ott Phil brand ladies let you have that seven perfect, to be a Elegant and refined woman.

欧特菲尔品牌女装 完美体现女人精致的姿态

Pink romantic domineering, reflecting the gentle little woman full of romantic plot, chiffon pink dress cloak design cuffs can be a little fleshy little girl some cover well, can better show the charm.

欧特菲尔品牌女装 完美体现女人精致的姿态

A look at the beauty, it is short, to be resistant to see beauty, more and more taste, more and more delicate, purple with small floral embellishment, the woman elegant and chic, romantic fashion fully reflects the feelings , Let a woman more attractive.

Single Face Wool Fabric is soft hand feeling, smooth, comfortable, anti-pilling. No color fading, clear texture and pattern.

This fresh fabric is perfect for garment, suiting, coat, especial for ladies fashion coat. 

Any color is available for our high-quality products and we can develop based on customer demand.

Single Face Wool Fabric

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