Tanabata is a romantic and warm day. Many people choose a unique gift to run in the streets, just to find a gift of love that touches the person in their heart. While people are rushing to buy diamonds, some people are preparing to invest in diamonds. Tanabata is sure to celebrate, but don't forget the five misunderstandings of investing in diamonds. Here, Hengdefu Diamonds will explain to you:

Misunderstanding 1: Diamonds above 1 carat have investment value

There have been many sayings before, 50 points or more have the investment value, so how big diamonds have investment value? Things are rare, but the classification of diamonds has a strict system. The rarer the diamond, the stricter it is. The technical standard is the 4C that our consumers know, but it is not enough. For example, when cutting a lot of consumers, when they are consulting and buying, some merchants stand in their own perspective and flicker consumers. They often use 3EX to cut the price and emphasize the highest level in the diamond cut. Diamond is a diamond that has been honed. Diamond is a natural mineral and a rough stone. Simply put, a diamond is a simple crystal composed of carbon formed under high pressure and high temperature in the deep earth.

Myth 2: Diamonds are the most cost-effective to buy in South Africa

Although the world's largest diamond is produced in South Africa, buying diamonds is not the cheapest in South Africa. As the world's largest diamond cutting and processing country, Belgium's Antwerp is the largest trading market for finished loose diamonds, which means global production. More than 90% of diamonds are sent to Belgium for processing before they can be shipped worldwide.

Tanabata and married to buy Jinan diamonds, not married, have also moved the diamonds to the home; not only women are fans of diamonds, when men see diamonds, but also two eyes shining. Everyone knows that diamonds are a symbol of eternal love, and diamonds have always been used as love tokens by the world. And having a set of expensive diamond jewelry is the dream of every lady who loves beauty. But investing in diamonds should be cautious. Below we continue to explain the misunderstanding of diamond investment.

Diamonds are no longer mysterious, and they are not treasures that only the royal family can enjoy. It has become a popular gem that all people can own and wear. The culture of diamonds has a long history, and today people see it more as a symbol of love and loyalty. Let the diamonds continue to explain the misunderstanding of Jinan investment diamonds.

Misunderstanding 3: Flower-shaped drill has larger room for appreciation than round diamond

Many investors believe that the price of flower-shaped diamonds will rise more than the average round diamond. In fact, unless the foreign fine-carved flower-shaped diamonds, such as high-tech flower-shaped diamonds such as diamonds carved into adult faces, are indeed of great investment value, from the data point of view, the heart-shaped, square-shaped flower-shaped diamonds have low appreciation space. For round diamonds.

Myth 4: Diamonds are difficult to realize

The average person thinks that although the value of diamonds is high, easy to carry, and the prospect of appreciation is good, but it is difficult to realize, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. In foreign countries, diamonds can be easily mortgaged at banks for loans, and the United States also has a dedicated diamond bank.

Myth 5: The bigger the diamond, the more valuable it is.

One misunderstanding of diamonds is that the bigger the diamond, the more valuable it is. In fact, this is not the case. Big diamonds are definitely worth more than broken diamonds, but this valuable big diamond must be clear, flawless, and 4C high. Otherwise, it is likely that there will be a 1 carat price of less than 50 points.

Tanabata Valentine's Day, a romantic and passionate festival, a festival that attracts people like diamonds, a festival full of rosy colors in the air, and even the sweet taste of love flows through the air. However, Hengdefu Diamond reminds everyone not to be overwhelmed by happiness. Remember to invest in the five major mistakes of diamonds. Hengdefu Diamonds uses the leading diamond website to purchase + experience store mode, with the lowest diamond price for you. Provide the best diamond, diamond ring custom purchase service.

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