What troubles in underwear ? After investigation, consumers showed the greatest concern about the quality of underwear and affixed to the depth of some of the underwear materials add too much chemicals, the skin and health damage is great; not perfect close to the body people appear a lot of embarrassment. Ai Mufen original eco-plant underwear, eco-friendly, healthy and comfortable fabrics, exquisite, stylish and elegant fusion of Eastern and Western cultures of the original design for women to create the United States, passing love, to show the colorful flavor of women.


Watermelon red and peach pink stitching, with solid red embellishment, summer want more "peach" from the selection of such a tempting underwear to start it, exquisite lace embroidery highlighting the extraordinary brand of craft, the classic cup Type your chest shape more plump upright.

艾慕芬原生态植物内衣  展现万紫千红的女性韵味

Colored gold upper body there is a sense of honor, from the inside distribution of women's noble, elegant temperament, 3D three-dimensional carved set in the cup along the chest set off so beautiful and attractive, invisible ring and rhinestone embellishment of the center of the heart effective support Chest weight, on the care, stand, full.

Cotton Bath Towel
1) Feel soft and durable in use
2) Can wash for more than 500 times
3) Environment-friendly
4)Various colors,sizes and designs available.
Material:100% cotton
Weight:standard weight from 280-650GSM
Size: 32x32cm,50x75cm,50x85cm,70x145cm,80x165cm etc
Color:Any color
Logo:Printed or Embroidered or Jacquard

Cotton Bath Towel

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