The ZP-18 type bottle making machine is the main equipment for the production of controlled glass craft bottles in China. The equipment is mainly used for secondary processing by using glass tubes which have been drawn in advance, and is used for the production of food and medicine packaging bottles such as oral liquid bottles and controlled injection bottles. At present, the materials of pre-drawn glass tubes in China are mainly composed of soda-lime glass and low-borosilicate glass. Of course, neutral glass tubes and 3.3 borosilicate glass tubes can be produced according to customer requirements.

The working device of the ZP-18 type bottle making machine is divided into two parts, A part and B part. There are 12 stations in Part A, the role of which is Al station off the pipe head, A2 station manual intubation to set the length of the bottle, A3 station and A4 station preheating, A5 station bottom cut two bottles of delivery, A6 station rolling The neck is blown through the mouth, the A7, A8 and A9 stations are the neck heating parts, the AIO rolls the shoulders and neck and the bottle mouth is initially formed, the AII station heats the neck and the bottle mouth, and the Al2 station bottle Mouth rolling molding. There are 6 stations in Part B. The function is to cut the bottom of the B1 station, the bottom of the B2 station is in the middle of the bottom, the B3 station burns the bottom to make the bottom of the bottle, and the B4 blows up to form a concave to strengthen the strength of the bottom of the bottle. B5 makes the bottle Bottom insulation, B6 station drop bottle, thus completing the entire bottle manufacturing process.

In the process of production of controlled glass craft bottles, due to the technical level of the operator, the accuracy of the bottle-bottoming machine and the stability of voltage and airflow, various process failures will inevitably occur, requiring the operator to make adjustments at any time. Now analyze the causes of some process failures that occur frequently as follows, and communicate with you. As for the elimination method, it can be solved according to the reasons of the following analysis.

1) The inner diameter of the bottle mouth is large or small: the reason may be that the equipment is not right, the core is thick or thin, the mold wheel is too tight or too loose, and the flame of A7-A9 station is too big or too small.

2) The outer diameter of the bottle mouth is large or small: the temperature is low, the mold wheel is loose, the pliers are high and the core is high; the mold wheel is tight, the pliers are low and the core is low.

3) The mouth of the bottle is thick or thin: the pliers are high and the core is low; the pliers are low and the core is high.

4) Round or semi-circular port: high temperature, low material, thin glass tube or improper rotation speed of the chuck.

5) Flare: There is too much putty or less material in the root of the core of the A12 station.

6) Bubble port: The temperature of the A4, A5, A6 and A9 stations is too high, there is dust on the surface of the glass tube or there are bubbles in the glass tube itself.

7) Explosion: A12 station core dry or A12 station position wheel tight.

8) Explosive neck: The core is dry or the wheel is tight.

9) Flat mouth: AIO station has many materials, high core or tube ellipse.

10) Shoulder: The chuck of the A section.

11) Bottom: The temperature of A3 and A4 stations is low, and the temperature of A5 station is high; the temperature of B2 and B3 stations is low and the position is high.

12) Bubble bottom or white background: B2 station temperature is high; glass tube surface has dust 13) Oblique bottom: B part chuck æ­ª.

14) Loudi: A5 station pulls small, B2 and B3 stations have low temperature.

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