Liya Lisa women's clothing brand highlights the unique characteristics of young women, the pursuit of elegant and romantic excellence. LIYALISA Liya Lisa brand in the adhering to the elegant, stylish, personalized, sweet and generous design practices soften the unique oriental delicate and refined.


White and blue match in the summer is very suitable, elegant and peaceful. Sleeveless cardigan shirt, pure white without any modification, simple and elegant. Blue pleated skirts, skirts tailoring at random, short before and after the long, the same as the dovetail, take the nude color system belt, summer youth series.

LIYALISA 为你的青春打造无限精彩

Warm colors with a particularly warm visual effects of the heart, the shirt is wave chiffon shirt, loose, casual yet lovely, white lace collar and chest bow are lovely performance. Coffee color pleated skirt, the sweet and pleasant temperament put it down.

The Tassel Earrings are fashion and Retro. Not only in the field of fashion, tassel Earrings have a pivotal position in the jewelry industry. The tassel earrings always designed in long size, take with some stone, rhinestones, pearls together, then make the tassel earring more fashion and popular.
We need to pay more attention to wearing the tassel earrings, for example, when you wear one resplendent tassel earrings for the meeting, you should wear one simple dress, and the best way without Necklace.

Tassel Earrings

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